Inspired by Victorian intrigue and opulence, old family phtotgraphs and ancestral memories, Emma creates atmospheric and romantic designs in kiln-fired glass

Using the glass as an artist's canvas, she experiments with techniques and unique surface patterns layering designs and textures which culminate in ghostly vsions amd floating images with phtotgraphic plate-like qualities. During the firing process these layers burn away and break up leaving a sense of something that appears aged and worn.

The butterfly morif features regularly in her work and symbolises the obsessive nature of the Victorian collectors. These delicate creatures held the fascination of the era, their appparent fragility mirroring the glass as a medium, whose slight transparency accentuates this idea.

Her collection of jewellery and decoratively functional "house jewellery" evoke bygone days and faded grandeur.

Church House Designs

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