I studied Zoology at London University but then taught Animal Physiology and Endocrinology. Some years after retirement I visited a show of work by Alexander Calder and was fascinated by his wire heads. A video loop described how he manipulated wire with his fingers and pliers and this led me to make both wire profiles of friends and also wire animals.
They are made from 1mm and 0.7mm galvanized wire and then painted with 2 coats of enamel paints. Each animal takes about 4 - 5 hours to make because it can be tricky to get their expressions right and to get them perfectly balanced. They are robust in that they bounce if dropped but must not be squashed.
Working from photographs and sketches, the enjoyment of their creation comes from making the animal as realistic and anatomically correct as possible, using the minimum of lines.

Church House Designs

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Bridget Baker wire sculpture of Labrador with lead in mouth
Wire sculpture of Mother and baby penguin by Bridget Baker
wire sculpture of Badger by Bridget Baker
Bridget Baker wire sculpture of Wolfhound
Bridget Baker wire sculpture of Frog
Bridget Baker wire sculpture of Wren
wire sculpture of border Terrier by Bridget Baker